Recruitment period of 95th Tezuka Award & 88th Akatsuka Award has ended.

Size of the manuscript
 Manuscript paper: Length 330-365 mm, horizontal 230-260 mm.
  Reference frame: Height 270 mm, side 180 mm.
 The same as 1.2 times of "Weekly Shonen Jump"

Number of the manuscript
 Tezuka Award (Story MANGA)…31p
 Akatsuka Award (Gag MANGA)…15p, 19p, 31p
 ※ Please adhere to the numbers.
 ★Your manuscripts will not be returned. Please take copies in advance.

 2018 March 31 (Sat.) (Postmarked on the day).

★Winner…Tezuka and Akatsuka Award+Certificate+Two Million yen prize+Commemorative shield + The right to be published
★Semi winning… certificate+Million yen prize+Commemorative shield+ The right of publishingp+ The right to be published
★Honorable…certificate+Five hundred thousand prize+Ccommemorative shield


SHUEISHA, Inc. " Weekly Jump " Editorial 2-5-10 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-8050, JAPAN
※Front of the envelope, please write " Akatsuka Award " or " Tezuka Award ".

Results Announcement
Weekly Shonenjump of early June 2018.

On the reverse of the final page of your manuscript, print your postal code, address, name, age, occupation, telephone number (or contact number), and brief background details. All copyrights including publishing, broadcasting, staging and filming rights will belong to Shueisha.

The work must be done in Japanese.